Thursday, May 6, 2010

WC2010-African Safari- Male Leopard

I promised you more on this guy!!!

He is an adolescent male leopard, 14 months old.

Londolozi is known for the leopards that live there. We came upon him about half way through the first game drive. He was snoozing in a cool area under some trees.

He still hunts with his mom, as he has not refined his hunting abilities. Forest told us he hunts his prey by running at them in a straight line- not zig-zagging with finesse like older animals. When not looking with mama for food, he likes to hang out by himself..not unlike human teens!

See how close we were?

(and yes, Foster has been told that he is a dead ringer for Eddie Murphy MANY MANY times....)

Big Feet!

His tail seemed to have a life of its own.

I could have watched him all afternoon long!!!

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