Thursday, May 6, 2010

WC2010-African Safari- First Drive and Dinner

We had just about 45 minutes to relax and change if we wanted to... a cup of tea or glass of champagne, and we were off on our first game drive.

Our ranger, Foster, drove the Land Rover, and our tracker, Like, sat up front. Only when he spotted lion or leopard tracks would Like join us in the Rover. We did have a rifle mounted on the dashboard "just in case"- but never felt the least bit nervous, even when close to the animals. And I mean CLOSE!

Coming from the South, it did not seem hot to me-quite pleasant really, in the upper 80's f. But the hippos still like hanging out in the water most of the time.

And crocodiles like basking in the heat whenever possible.

More on this guy later!

After an hour or so, the sun started making its way down

and we stopped for cocktails, with our ranger Foster, giving Jill a help out of the Rover.

We watched baboons come out for their evening meal.

Babies hitch a ride whenever they can.

As the sun began to sink, we loaded up and headed back for supper.

In the dark, we headed back to camp, just catching a photo of this rabbit scurrying across the road.

Back at Varty Camp, we gathered in the outdoor boma, or eating area,

and our cook explained our menu for the evening...

Ostrich sausages, impala meatballs, chicken, and all sorts of delightful sauces and vegetables to accompany.

It was absolutely the most wonderful day, and all too soon, it was off to bed, to fall asleep underneath a thatched roof.

Our wakeup knock would come at 5am!!

(Oh, to let everyone in on the name of our merry little band.."The Order of the White Frog"...When we started out on our first drive, we stopped by the pond that has the tree with the fish eagle. Foster pointed out a small white frog hiding on the branch of a bush. Ed stated flatly "I didn't come all the way to Africa to see a white frog!" We all howled with laughter, and became the "Order of the White Frog.")

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