Friday, May 7, 2010

WC2010-Africa Safari-the Village

After luncheon, our waiter Colbert offered to show us the village where Londolozi staff live. The rangers and trackers work an intense schedule- I think it's 6 weeks on, 3 weeks off- and live on site, as do most of the daily staff.

The village is not five minutes' walk from the lodge.

Each worker has his own house where he lives with his family.

The village has a re-creation of the original huts of tribesmen from 100 years ago.

This would be the residence of the man...and there is a similar one for his wives.

The storehouse was always on poles to protect food from wildlife.

And there was an additional hut for when the shaman, or witchdoctor, came to visit.

Moms run errands in an African village just like moms do everywhere...

Isn't this sleepy one adoraable?

The cafe is not only the place to grab something to eat, but also the market cooking supplies.

And the cafe is attached to a large gathering area.

and outdoor kitchen.

Colbert showed us the Learning Center.

Londolozi is better equipped with computers and internet access than a good many American households!

And has its own medical facility right in the village.

The highlight of the visit, however, was looking in on the childcare center. Staff children learn and play here until they are ready for kindergarten.

Linna, the children's teacher, was so kind to us. She stopped everything, and had the children sing a song for us and introduce themselves.

She was so engaging, we exchanged addresses. I am hoping to arrange a penpal friendship between the Londolozi school and the kindergarteners at Brentwood. How much fun would that be?

Thanks, Colbert, for the wonderful side trip!!!

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