Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WC 2010- Kenya- Mombassa

For some reason, Kenya is the first country that comes to my mind when one says "Africa." I woke up extra early, for some reason, and could not go back to sleep, so got dressed and went up on deck to watch us sail in.

As we headed toward the dock, we passed many ferries loaded with people going to work.

I was amazed at how many people fit aboard one ferry.

I grabbed a bite of breakfast, and there was something new amongst the fresh fruit. I tasted my first rambutan.

The port authority reminded me of the air traffic control tower in Atlanta.

Our guides were waiting for us on the dock, and spontaneously broke out into song.

I had heard stories of the marvelous dock-side market stalls, and I wasn't disappointed.

My friend Kay was up early for bargaining, knowing that her winning smile would get the best price!

Once in the excursion van-we were headed on a mini-safari- I realized that if there is a line of bicycles coming UP from the ferry, we must be headed toward those very ferries that had been loaded with humanity a few hours earlier.


A 15-minute ferry ride is the perfect time to change a tire.

We passed colorful rows of buildings-stores on the first floor, living area on the second.

Once outside Mombassa, the countryside was sparsely settled.

We stopped just outside the game preserve to visit a village trinket shop.

One of the first animals we saw were baboons- dozens of them hanging out in the trees. This one captured my attention because of the eyes.

I keep wanting to break out into song when I see this guy....

The Lion King's Pumba singing "When I was a young warthog..."

Sable Antelope

and REALLY upclose and personal with a whole BUNCH of Cape Buffalo.

The vista, with rain in the distance, was spectacular.

Back toward the ferry, I couldn't help but watch with amazement as these guys pushed this cart UP from the ferry dock to the top of the hill.

We had a hilarious experience with peddlers wanting to sell us necklaces and trinkets. They were so persistent, and we were laughing so much with them as we bargained, we all forgot to take photos. It was the highlight of the day.

All too soon, we had tossed the lines, and headed out to sea. The pilot boat escorted us most of the way out, but it seemed the boat had several aboard more interested in partying and taking photos of the big white ship in harbor.

The sun was setting, and the same masses who had gone to work in the morning were heading home in the evening.

And we were off, for six straight sea days across the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

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