Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 State Track Meet

The end of April also brings the GISA State Track Meet.

As most know, Alix somehow contracted mono at the beginning of the school year, and was unable to run cross-country. This is a vital part of her "off track season" training, so she started off this year way behind here finishing point last year. She knew this year would be a difficult one for her, time-wise, but was very proud to lower her times with every track meet, and to be back to where she was this time LAST year--much to the amazement of her coaches.

She qualified for her specialty, the 800 meter run, by finishing second at the region track meet. Her 4x400 relay team also qualified. So off to Albany on Thursday, April 29 we went.

Alix did not have to run any qualifiers on Thursday. As AJ was preparing for exams, she was quite surprised to look up Thursday afternoon see him coming down the stairs.

In a normal track meet, the 800m is the second to last individual race, so it isn't normal to see her run first thing in the morning. In this instance, this was good, because she did not have time to get herself worked up and nervous.

Friday morning, we arrived just in time to see her line up for her 800m race and to yell "Go Alix" before she started, so she knew we made it.

It was a tough race- the times were faster than last years- and so she was MORE than happy with her 5th place finish. And her time of 2:31 was a personal best.

Later that day, her 4x400 team ran their qualifying round.

She ran the anchor, or final, leg of the team.

And they qualified for the final!!!

Back at the hotel, the boys cratered.

AJ is still in college mode, remember?

i think all college students sleep with their mobile phones in their hands...

Alix's relay final was the last thing on the day's calendar, so she had LOTS of time to comtemplate and discuss with big brother.

Alan, of course, always has his two cents ready to throw into the discussion.

AJ thought my Gucci sunglasses made me look like Sailor Moon.

The team rejoiced when Nick Sweat won the 400m. Most excited were his Grandmother Jean and his mom Katie.

Katie just can't contain her excitement...Christy joins in!!

Finally, it was finals time.

Glad it's over!

The Brentwood Girls Track team was State Runnerup for the second straight year- quite an accomplishment.

An for the first time since 1973, the Brentwood Boys were State Champions!

Great year, team!! So proud of ALL of you!!

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