Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 World Cruise-Flying to Africa

Ok, this is a LOONNNGGG flight. Not as bad as going to Asia...but LONG.

But we're getting there.

It helped that I had downloaded the second season of "The New Adventures of Old Christine" onto my ipod.

At one point, I get really bored...and open my window. What do I see??

(timing is everything).

FINALLY, we start descending to Jo'burg.

And touch down safely.

From the look of the airport, I could be anywhere. Don't know WHY I expected Africa to look different...

We had to retrieve bags to clear customs.

And yes, football madness had already begun.

After clearing South African customs, we made it over to our domestic flight to Capetown just in time to see my first beautiful African sunset.

Then, goodbye, Jo'burg

Hello Capetown!

We had the loveliest Crystal representative, Tony, meet us at the airport. We liked him so much, we hired him to take us around Capetown the following day!

It was time for a bath and bed, so we would be ready to see Capetown first thing in the morning.

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