Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 9 EP365


Day 56 November 27, 2009
Friday Night Lights

Day 57 November 28, 2009

Day 58 November 29, 2009
Basil Jungle

Day 59 November 30, 2009
Workin' On The Railroad

Dav 60 December 1, 2009
Another Walmart Victim

Day 61 December 2, 2009
Beer Drinker's Paradise

Day 62 December 3, 2009
Chilly Cherub

Home Again

It was weird having our final day in New York on a Tuesday.

Once more, the jackhammers had us curious.

I have never noticed this rooftop garden across the street before this year.

We loaded up and headed downtown for some more retail therapy before lunch at Balthazar.

This remains, after 10 (TEN????) years of traveling to New York with Cynthia and Minnett one of our favorites. Especially dessert--this year, caramelized banana ricotta tart with banana ice cream.

Flowers are always so beautiful at Balthazar.

Everthing went smoothly until Tommy turned to go into the Holland Tunnel...which was when I realized that the rest of the gang was flying out of Newark, and not out of LaGuardia with me. A few fast frantic phone calls later, and I found myself happily headed to Queens and LaGuardia (the cab ride was $90--glad someone else paid the bill!)

It was already dark when we boarded the plane and headed toward the runway. The lights were beautiful.

Glad they remind pilots of these certain things...

I realized almost too late that we were flying directly over Times Square, and I only got a blurred shot (it's the big blob of lights...)

But it was a severe clear night and the lights were amazing.

Yep, it was nearly 1am when I got home, but what a GREAT trip it was!

New York City Shopping and Fun

Our "Shop 'Til You Drop" day was Monday this year...and we had lots of fun!

We would have slept in, but couldn't as it was a work day..with accompanying noise.

We walked back from Bloomingdale's passing the newly restored and renovated Plaza Hotel.

Beloved Eloise is still there.

Cartier's already was wearing its bow.

The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller was "in process"

but skaters were practicing on the ice rink below...

Details abound in Rockefeller Center.

And then it was off to Les Halles!!!!! Chef Anthony Bourdain (who is one of my inspirations as a cook) wasn't there, but it was okay---it's still so glorious- the PERFECT bistro food made even better by 50% Wine Mondays. There is nothing more fabulous for a Monday than two bottles of wine at lunch.

"Shop 'Til You Drop" Day traditionally ends with the Cinamyn cocktail party, and this year ws no exception....

and then a delicious Greek-inspired dinner at Avra.

Good food, good bargains, good friends. Can't beat that combination.

New York City II- High Line and Jane Marx!

Sunday morning in New York means meeting with our friend Jane Marx, the most fabulous tour guide in the world.

This year she took us to see High Line Park. Truly Exceptional!

Dena was having fun.

From the High Line, we could see the remnants of the old shipping piers.

Down on the street, we passed a charming detail on the lampposts.

As were the fireescapes of the old buildings in the area.

The afternoon matinee was Bye Bye Birdie.... and then dinner at

!!! Jean-Georges Vongerichten has done it again!!! Oh my Gawd! That food was simply good that I bought the cookbook!!!

We were all happy!!!