Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Knowing that you are almost at the "top" of the world is a pretty cool feeling. I opened the curtains (and in the land of the midnight sun, you DEFINITELY have to sleep with the curtains closed, or you won't sleep at all...the sun REALLY NEVER SETS) and this is what I saw.

Ok for all readers of MCR who are NOT members of Captains Voyage, I must explain.

The Norwegian coastline is over 15, 000 miles long. That's not including the shores of all the islands. Travel by road takes a while--where there ARE roads. Travel by ferry or ship is much more common, and faster. The Norwegian Coastal Steamer fleet, or Hurtigruten, is made up of 11 ships that travel north and south from Bergen to Kirkenes. I think there are something like 33 cities that Hurtigruten stop in --each city gets a daily visit.

At Captain's Voyage, following the Hurtigruten ships is a fun thing we do. So you can imagine my delight at finally seeing my FIRST ship of the fleet in person....and not ONE, but two- Finnmarken and Vesterålen, as they crossed. God was definitely tapping me on the shoulder to climb out of bed!

Well, it was a big deal to me......especially as I claim Finnmarken as "my" ship, as she has the most stern.

Well, we docked in what is said to be the most northern village on the European mainland. The family had a tour bus waiting for us and off we went. We passed by a fish drying facility

saw real live reindeer out in the wild

Visited a Såmi reindeer farm

reindeer love eating moss

Then went to Nordkapp- the North Cape- at 71° N.

Whilst in the Nordkapp Hall, I ordered my first real Norwegian Vafler actually MADE IN NORWAY (I love eating them at home...)--yes, it's a plain waffle, but with sour cream and strawberry jam and brun ost....

Delicious. Ok, it was funny to discover that the guy serving us--speaking Norwegian, was a student on summer break from his studies at a university in Sweden...and hailed from Texas. Only in real life...

Heading back from Nordkapp, we stopped at a crab and fishing harbor . Hanging out to dry was more fish

or as Debo has dubbed it fish jerky, or "ferky".

Grumpy Guy held a rather large crab

Boy held a crab

Girl held a crab

World' Cutest Nephew held a crab (with cousin Andy's help)

and cousin London worried for the safety of her baby doll.

The harbor was beautiful in the rain

I'm sure this big fella was mighty glad to be back in the holding tank....

Heading back to Honnigsvåg, we stopped by the local church

before heading back to the harbor for a photo op with a local troll

We sailed at 10pm...yes, this is about 10:15pm on a rainy night leaving Honnigsvåg.

I leave you with one small word of warning. Never trust me when I say I won't post silly pictures........

Another Day at Sea

Another sea day....simply wonderful, relaxing sea day.

Asia Buffet for lunch...

Dinner that night...and Larry feels the need to take a lesson from Cousin Bill


Girl Talk!

I do love me my Jules!!!!