Friday, August 7, 2009

Stroke Recognition

As someone who has a close family history with high blood pressure and strokes (my father had a massive stroke when he was 41 and died of another one at 54)- I am constantly trying to educate others in an attempt to prevent the heartache that my family went through.

A friend forwarded me this email on stroke indicators, including the latest new indicator- sticking out your tongue!!! Please read and pass this along to everyone you know. It will save lives!!

Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue

STROKE: Remember the 1st Three Letters.... S-T-R


A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is tough.

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

S- Ask the individual to SMILE.

T- Ask the person to TALK -just a simple sentence like "It is sunny out today."

R- Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

New Sign of a Stroke ---- Stick out Your Tongue

Another sign of a stroke or impairment by a blood clot is this: Ask the person to stick out his tongue.. If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke.

Please, please, please, if you do NOTHING else today, tell your family about these 4 signs at dinner tonight!!! It could save YOUR life one day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're BACK

I guess I should have posted that the family was heading to Norway and Germany for the month of July....but I figured that since MOST of the people who read MaisonCouRouge would be with me..I forgot....

But we are now BACK.....and many photos of an AMAZING country to share!