Saturday, July 4, 2009

What's Old is Still Relevant

I found this in a 20-year old file of cartoons I've had stashed away in a filing cabinet... I thought it was appropriate for the long flight on Wednesday....


We in the South allow fireworks (small ones, not the ones you see at Disneyworld or used by professionals...) to be sold to the public. Last night at 11pm, as I was happily propped up in bed watching the "Twilight Zone" Marathon on the SciFi Channel (my personal little July 4 weekend tradition), Grumpy Guy came charging into the room , grabbed one of his pistols, having heard "gunfire" outside... ready to defend his home turf, if necessary....until I pointed out to him that it was July 3rd, and kids were probably shooting off firecrackers......he stopped in his tracks, having TOTALLY forgotten it was July.....put the Walther back, and retreated back to playing World of Warcraft with the kids........

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Little Norway

In honor of our family trip to Norway in ten days, I am giving you a CHARMING blog..

My Little Norway

This photo from a recent post just tickled me no end...yes, it does say "COD"---

I found this site whilst looking for a recipe for REAL Norwegian waffles... (yes, I had been egged on by The Captain, who had threatened to call the Norwegian Waffle Police on me for not eating my Norwegian Waffles in proper Norwegian style...)

A charming couple, she Australian, he Norwegian, living in the northern city of Trømso, raising a family. Wonderful photography, charming stories, Norwegian lessons--just about everything one needs to get excited about the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Go check it out--even if you're not traveling to Norway anytime soon...and if you're stuck in this Gawd-Awful -Southern-Heat right now, they have LOTS of photos of snow.......

both photos from the website MY LITTLE NORWAY....go check them out HERE