Thursday, May 14, 2009

E's Folly

I fell in love in Italy.

How many relationships can say they started that way?? Italy, after all, is Italy.

But the object of my passion was not a human...It was an automobile.

I couldn't take my eyes off... yes....the smart car...

The modern design of Swatch, the automotive engineering of Mercedes-Benz, combine it with some artistic ingenuity and you get!

"s"= Swatch + "m"= Mercedes +"art"=

So when I found out they were finally available in America....I decided to be a big girl. I got on the waiting list. The waiting list to GET IN LINE for it to be MANUFACTURED..... I waited patiently. I researched. I checked safely specs. When my turn to order came, and I did just that. I talked to the dealership. I negotiated the specifics, picked the color, discussed price. I called the bank, organized the loan, and qualified on my own. Grumpy Guy knew about it, of course, but I wanted to do this MYSELF.

Well, guess got here early. About 4 months early, to be precise.

Yes, I know in this economy, with Grumpy Guy's businesses tenuously in development--buying a new car seems crazy. Probably is.

But, as a stay-at-home-mom, I made a promise to myself long ago, when Boy was just starting school. When the first of my two "Baby Birds" was successfully kicked out of the nest and flew, I would celebrate.

So E's Folly arrived 10 days before his graduation. And I picked her up yesterday. You would not believe how quiet and SMOOTH she is to drive--even on the interstate at 80 miles an hour, I couldn't tell she weighs just over 1600 pounds--and I didn't have to crank up the stereo, even though she is a convertible!!

And, darn it all--isn't she just the CUTEST THING???? Girl is already in love with her, and wants one for herself. GG thinks she looks European. Boy describes her as "awesome".

I'm going to have to keep my eye on her when they are around.......

Picking up my smart Passion Cabriolet at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead, Atlanta

The interior is AMAZING--very roomy and large- with heated leather seats, fabulous stereo with mp3 outlet, and all the other luxury appointments you'd expect Mercedes to think about.

Simple, clean lines. (the cord is the line from the mp3 input to my itouch.)

Look--159 miles, having driven from Atlanta to home!!

The back/trunk area can accomodate 2 carry-on bags, or lots of groceries

Oh, and I can not say enough nice things about the smart branch of Mercedes-Benz Buckhead. They were a JOY to work with. Go see them!

smart center Buckhead
2799 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, Ga 30305
Phone 404 425 5560

AA State Track and Field Meet 2009

Congratulations to BOTH of Brentwood School's Varsity Track and Field Teams-- Girls and Boys--for the absolutely PHENOMENAL performances at the three-day State Track Meet in Albany, GA April 30 through May 2. BHS is the AA state runner-up for BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS!!! Although this year we had a larger team than in the past- 30 members- the kids still had to work hard, focus, and remain healthy through a long season.

Boy had qualifying races on Thursday in the relays and the 100 meters and 200 meters.
Girl had her 800 meter race on Friday.
Boy had final races on Saturday.

Here are some photos--from day one and two. I don't have any photos from day three, as I missed many of the final races. We had to "sprint after the sprint"--Girl and her fellow teammate AND fellow ballerina Katrina, had an unchangeable dance recital on Saturday night, so immediately after Katrina ran in the finals of the 100 meter sprint, the three of us jumped in the car and "sprinted" the three hours back to Sandersville for the performance!!

Here are just a few shots of the 3-day meet...

Team members and parents

Coach Becky Fleming and Boy

Our crowd, day 2

Girl is STATE RUNNER-UP in the 800 meters--with a personal best of 2:31.4 !!!

Girl's classmate Andy is State Champion in the 3200 meters!!

and Andy's very proud parents--Lynn and Coach Brannon

Grumpy Guy never looked better than on Friday...

Brentwood even had its own professional photographer with Press credentials!! Hooray for Andy Crabb!

Honors Day 2009

I know I am woefully behind in my posting, but it has been a busy few weeks since my return from the trip. I will try to play catch up !!

Tuesday was Brentwood High School's Honors Day. And it was the first time we say Boy in his cap and gown. Yes, I got a little teary when I saw all these dear friends of his marching in.

The speaker, Dr. Jennifer Holton, gave an absolutely WONDERFUL speech. I am hoping to get a copy to post here.

Boy was given plaques for and various certificates for the awards and scholarships he has received....mind if I brag a little? President's Award for Educational Excellence, National Merit Commended Student, George D Warthen Bank T-Cash Scholarship for highest math SAT score, Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship, Washington County Georgia Tech Club Scholarship, Transylvania Club Scholarship for having the highest reading SAT score, Beta Club, National Honor Society, STAR Student (both Brentwood and Washington County region), and Honor Graduate.

Girl also had a spotlight moment when she was inducted into the Beta Club.

What a wonderful morning!!!!

To our kids: Just in case you've somehow forgotten, Daddy and I are SO VERY INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU TWO. Not just for your academic excellence, but for the way you lead your lives. It is an honor to be your parents.