Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Forward

Oh, I hate the first Monday after Daylight Savings Time starts...I'm all befuddled--it's dark again when I wake up. How I jump 12 time zones at one go and not have jet lag is beyond me..

It's been a busy week in Middle-Of-Nowhere...but nothing out of the ordinary. We have been spending lots of time with our foreign exchange student, Oskar, who heads back to Germany on Thursday. The kids have regional literary competition tomorrow, with Girl representing the school in Spelling, and Boy representing in Argumentative Essay and International Extemporaneous Speaking.

Grumpy Guy has been busy building me THIS--

A gorgeous pergola to train my wisteria up, it doesn't pull the old brick fence DOWN.

I am tickled pink...or should I say purple, as that is what I should have in a few weeks' time--masses of purple flowers.

Most of this weekend has been spent perusing my friend, the Captain's, new website. He used his Mac and iweb to update and polish his lifestory online...and it is brilliant. Anyone who is a fan of the SS Norway (formerly the SS France), Crystal Cruises, or just really cool photography should have a look. (Cllicking on either will take you there!!)

And don't forget about the forum, either!!