Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Prairie Woman

It's been a slow news day around these parts for a couple of weeks. The tease of spring is at first in the air, only to whacked back down by a frost. Yes, it's almost to the point of having the heat on in the morning, and the air conditioning in the afternoon. A traditional Georgia climate.

This was typical of my Monday morning. Driving the kids to school (all explained later) we came upon this sight...

Confused?? Yes, it appears slightly unnerving, until you see a photo taken about a mile down the road...

Figured it out yet??
Yes, the semi is being towed.

Towing seemed to be a theme of Monday....because one hour later....

Yes, I am driving Grumpy Guy's truck, Babe. Yes, that is Grumpy Guy following behind me in Boy's truck. No, he is not driving too close...he's being TOWED. By a strap. By me. Prairie Woman.

Boy's truck just STOPPED on Sunday night at about 9:30pm about 10 miles from home. Just STOPPED. So GG went to fetch him and they towed the truck back to the house. Which is why I was driving the kids to school. Which is how I got to drive the makeshift tow truck pulling the Chevy. Which is why I can tell you about one of my nicknames...Prairie Woman.

Prairie Woman. Pronounced "Prayer-ee W'mn". The woman who can do all things. Fix all things. Who, if it's broken, asks herself "can I make it any worse than it already is?" and if the answer is "no" attempts it.

Grumpy Guy gave me this nickname wayyyy back in 1989. We lived in Leesburg, Virginia in a new development. Now, everyone knows that a new development has ABSOLUTELY no landscaping..and we lived in a former pasture, no less, so not even any TREES. So, I get this idea to build raised landscaping beds for the yard. Two, to be precise. One, 4' x 36' for roses, one 12'X16' for vegetables. Both a foot high, and made out of pressure-treated lumber, tied together with drilled rebar stakes. It was a beautiful design...a, excuse the expression-"goddammed-work-of-art", as we used to say in the theatre.

So I spec'd out the lumber required. Got my list of supplies ready.

It was some late-autumn 4-day long weekend. At the time, I was a vice-president for a small bank, and the bank officers took turns working in the lobby on Saturday mornings. Saturday, as was my luck- was my morning. But GG had all four days off. So, why not? He took off for Vermont to visit our friends who used to own the Salt Ash Inn .

4 days. With one little 4 hour jaunt into work for me. But nooooooooooooo--he takes off to Vermont...leaving me with a four-day-minus-4-hours weekend on my hands. (think I've forgotten it, or let HIM forget it since??????)

So--just to show HIM--I ordered the wood and supplies, had them delivered after he left on Thursday. And, damn- if I didn't build them MYSELF!!!

Yes, complete with renting an industrial-sized drill for the rebar, circular saw, sledgehammer and heavy-as-lead 4x4's 16feet in length. Even had the sand, topsoil, compost and peat delivered in bulk and toted that, mixed it up and dumped it in. Planted the roses as well.

I did not say a word.

He got back home late Monday night and didn't see the beds until Tuesday morning. After his bug-eyed look of incredulity, he just said "Wow...a prairie woman can build her own stuff when she puts her mind to it."

Ever since then, whenever I go to pick up a saw or hammer or screwdriver or drill, the comment is made "Watch Out, Prairie Woman is loose!!"

Prairie Woman can do anything...even tow cars. But just because she CAN, doesn't mean she WILL.