Friday, December 4, 2009

Home Again

It was weird having our final day in New York on a Tuesday.

Once more, the jackhammers had us curious.

I have never noticed this rooftop garden across the street before this year.

We loaded up and headed downtown for some more retail therapy before lunch at Balthazar.

This remains, after 10 (TEN????) years of traveling to New York with Cynthia and Minnett one of our favorites. Especially dessert--this year, caramelized banana ricotta tart with banana ice cream.

Flowers are always so beautiful at Balthazar.

Everthing went smoothly until Tommy turned to go into the Holland Tunnel...which was when I realized that the rest of the gang was flying out of Newark, and not out of LaGuardia with me. A few fast frantic phone calls later, and I found myself happily headed to Queens and LaGuardia (the cab ride was $90--glad someone else paid the bill!)

It was already dark when we boarded the plane and headed toward the runway. The lights were beautiful.

Glad they remind pilots of these certain things...

I realized almost too late that we were flying directly over Times Square, and I only got a blurred shot (it's the big blob of lights...)

But it was a severe clear night and the lights were amazing.

Yep, it was nearly 1am when I got home, but what a GREAT trip it was!

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