Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The World of Coca Cola

What to do for a field trip in Atlanta when you only have two hours?

Well, that rules the Aquarium out, because you really need 3 or 4 hours to see everything there. So we headed to the World of Coca-Cola to learn some history about the world's most popular soft drink.

Outside is a charming interactive statue of Dr. John Pemberton, the inventor of Coca-Cola.

First there's a guided view of lots and LOTS of Coke paraphernalia

And then the center of the building leads off in various areas. Right now, the World of Coca-Cola is all ready for Christmas.

There are some great displays of original artwork.

But the highlight of the tour is the area where you can taste all 64 varieties of Coca Cola products that are produced around the world.

I wish we could buy some of the ones from Asia and Africa in the USA- they are really TASTY!

My particular favorite was the pineapple flavored Bibo from South Africa and the -I think it was carrot/mango-- from Japan. Delaware Punch (which brought back instant memories from my childhood--I haven't had Delaware Punch in 40 years!) is still available in Honduras. And it was so funny to watch the girls expressions as they tried Beverly--a Coca Cola product found in Italy that tastes a bit like Campari and Soda....imagine a hyped-up tonic water. Hilarious!

It was a great day--yes, teachers, and an EDUCATIONAL one-- spending time with Alix and her friends is SO MUCH FUN!!!

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