Monday, November 9, 2009

Catching Up with September

September saw quite a few interesting goings-on at Maison Cou Rouge and the surrounding area.....

For the first time in 8 years, I attended a Brentwood Football game without a son in shoulder pads.

The Folly and I had some fun at my friend Anna's expense.

I got interested in baking artisanal first french loaves!

Then I proceeded to begin The Bread Baker's Apprentice" Challenge....and made Anadama Bread.

In a nod to becoming more organic, I had a try at making yogurt, and found it quite easy.

I felt so much more comfortable now that Washington County has it's own Homeland Security vehicle.

Homecoming Week at Brentwood started out with 60's day...

The following day saw the third annual Powder Puff Game and Homely Coming Presentation. I was quite involved this year, not only announcing the presentation, and co-writing the biographies with Alan, but also helping get for the competition.......

Such Beauty

The eventual winner is in blue.

Thursday of Homecoming Week was "Old Folk's Day"

And Joe College surprised us by coming home for the Homecoming Game!

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