Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 Tennille BBQ Blast

The Third Annual Tennille BBQ Blast stretched over Friday, October 16 through Saturday, October 17.

Friday afternoon, Grumpy Guy/Alan, who is President of the Tennille Downtown Development Authority, hopped into the golf cart (yes, that's how we get around Tennille most of the time!) to check on the progress of things. Penelope greeted us from atop a shop roof.

Cute autumn decorations were everywhere.

One of the storefronts were displaying Tennille's famous Civil War cannons.

BBQ teams were beginning to assemble their cooking implements.

We returned that night to participate in the festivities and smell the barbeque.
Chip even joined us for a while.

The hog calling contest was a source of laughter and applause.

And won by this young gentleman.

They guys from Chester Dean's were up late!

The funnel cake van was doing great business!

The trains continued to roll all night, just like normal.

The band was great...

as the pork began to sizzle.

Come morning, things were looking really good.

The Blast as seen from Maison Cou Rouge on Saturday morning.

A chilly morning as folks got organized.

Tasting and voting began.

Something good is always cooking in a cast iron skillet-in this case, hoecakes.

Penelope makes an appearance.

Best two dollars spent- for a taste of all the competition, and a vote for People's Choice!

We took our time figuring out which we liked best.

Fresh fried pork rinds dipped in amazing sauce- THAT's good eatin'!

A future participant?

Roan always has a good time...and usually wins more than one category!

If you are tired of BBQ, there's many OTHER delicacies to choose from!

The antique car show grows bigger and bigger each year!

Now that the Tennille BBQ Blast is three years old, it can request to become a BBQ championship sanctioned event. That should ensure it continues to grow every year! Watch here for developments!

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