Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthdays,Outings & EP365...or Jan-Olav, what have you gotten me into.....

I'm another year older.

On my 40th birthday, my sister-in-law Julie said "Thank God....39 sounds like such a LIE" here I am at 49, wondering if people think the same thing.

No photos of me for ritual've seen them all. Instead, I will fill you in on a project for the upcoming year.

My friend, Jan-Olav, just spent the past year documenting his life in a photo-a-day. "Project 365" he called it..or P365 for short. Alix pointed out to me that if I were to do a similiar project, this year, the 50th of my existence on earth (at least this go-round...) would be the perfect time to do it. So here goes.

I plan on taking a photo a day. I won't post them daily--hopefully once a week- say, on a Friday. They won't be professional...they won't be perfect...they won't be will just be something from my life. Jan-Olav says it's harder than it looks. We'll see. Here goes.

Oh, and you might have noticed. I'm "outing" everyone. When I started blogging over TWO YEARS (!!!!???!!!) ago, I used nicknames to keep my family private. I realize that anyone with more than two working brain cells can figure out the who-what-wheres of the denizens of MaisonCouRouge. I mean-geez--go to Washington County, Georgia and ask "Who drives a blue smartcar?" "Who goes on a summer cruise with her whole family every year?" "Who lives in a house with a turquoise back door and brightly colored adirondack chairs on the front porch?"
So the cover is blown.

Funny, the nicknames are ones we use all the time.....and I'll still use them for some. But the cast of characters are as follows.....

Elizabeth, or E as she is often known
Alan, aka Grumpy Guy
AJ or Boy
Alix who is Girl

You will note that I am surrounded by "A"s....I usually sign family gifts "EA³" or "EAcubed"

Then there's
CruiseGran or Jane or Mama or Gran
D who is also DR
Larry who wishes to remain Larry (but who is really Ed)
Jula or Julie
Austin ..Dude
Rabbit and Panda, my nieces

Woo is Will (dubbed so by Austin in his toddler years)
Debo--Dena (thanks, Rabbit!)
the world's cutest nephew(formerly world's cutest baby and world's cutest toddler) is in reality named Hutch

Hmmmm- anyone else?
"Caro" Alix's best friend, is Caroline (gee that was a tough one)
the Captain, is my internet best buddy, Jan-Olav...aka "the best friend I've (n)ever met"™

Anyone else? Well, if so, consider yourself "outed"--let me know if you want me to use an alias.

And anyone who might think of using my information for mean purposes...remember I'm a Southern Girl...I'm a real good shot.............and I believe in shooting first, and asking questions later.

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Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness. I kept forgetting to use the alias anyhow (it's a different time zone over here on the western edge of Europe). Talking of ...49... (which, to be fair, you started) did my package arrive? I am waiting to see if the books I sent you make it onto the EP 2009 reading list! Cheers Andy (AKA one of Boy's Godparents)!