Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Sea Day

Mirth And Merriment for the Gang's final full formal sea day for 2009

Rabbit gets yet ANOTHER fantabulous face paint

While waiting for the Noon Trivia Contest, the guys work Sudokus

The Captain's Farewell Party has us looking good

Mademoiselle London gave a resounding "no" at this photo-op

The guys are looking good

Cousin Andy has a way with her

The Suttons- handsome runs in the family....

The Veuve Clicquot girls doing their Oprah chins....

All smiles

Just look at that face....

Is Dancing with the Stars in their future?

Dude gets his Beef Wellington

Rabbit and Girl (in Dress #1*)

Rabbit and Boy (with both cuffs*)

And after dinner, we pretty much took over the Avenue Saloon...

Can we already be heading toward Stockholm???????

* Yes, there is a story...ask them.

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