Monday, September 7, 2009

80° North

The top of the world.......almost.

Captain Giske had said he would TRY to get us OFFICIALLY up to 80° North--everything depended upon the ice situation...and HE DID IT!!!! Hoo--ray!!!!!!! And we made such good time that the deck officers were able to give us a little extra--- cruising into a few glacial fjords.

The sun came...the sun went...the rain came...the rain went....

Windy and wet, but with my first sightings of ice!!!

There are some very hardy sailors up here

Including our Norwegian Captain...

And then it was time to dress for the Crystal Society party and formal French dinner!

Hi Bill!!!!

On the lookout for Santa Claus' house!!!

Thumbs up on the day!

BoyCousinAndy and his girlfriend Brittany are ready for the evening!!

Cruise Director Paul McFarland was in fine form, as always

as was Master Giske.

Love me my Gurlz--Debo and Jula!!!!!!!

French Dinner means.....ESCARGOT!!!

I don't know if Crystal is ready for the casual formal look girls---

We're not as good at this as the teens are....

I don't know WHAT was going on here...but we DEFINITELY were having FUN!!!

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