Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seagull-then Off to Sea

Saturday dawned waayyy too early for a 3am bedtime…..but I valiantly got up , luggage was put outside for transport to the ship, and we set off for a day spent with “Seagull”.

What a FABULOUS tourguide! Cecilia knows her way around Copenhagen, so after a stop for pastry at the famous La Glace (thanks for the treat, C!)

we were off to board Symphony. What a lovely wander we had whilst heading toward the ship!

Cecilia knew the way perfectly, and we were able to see some lovely highlights

—including the famous Mermaid.

Now, over at Captain’s Voyage (for those of you who don’t know), our fearless leader is Jan-Olav, who used to be the Chief Officer on Symphony. As Cecilia had never seen the great lady up close,

I had arranged for her to come aboard with us for the day. We had a yummy lunch in the Crystal Dining Room before starting off exploring this most wonderful of ships.

Cecilia took so many wonderful photos of the ship—which can be found on this thread of CV.

We took a special "heads up" view of Norwegian Jewel

Before settling down in the Crystal Cove for a refreshing beverage-with a very special--and well travelled- Sea Troll!

All too soon, it was time to leave our lovely spot in the Crystal Cove and bid Seagull au revoir.
We hastily unpacked our bags

and it
was time for our muster drill. We found our Seagull on the quay

among the fountains and sculptures

and the Captain appeared on the port Bridgewing

and the lines were cast off.

We passed by the Norwegian Jewel

and the adventure had officially begun.

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Jan-Olav Storli said...

A fearless leader, I am?

Thanks for the ad and thanks for great images/ writing... wish I was there in Aalesund to see you... and sad that the ship never made it to Trondheim...