Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Cool Dude

He reads my blog (smart man)
He trains hard (good job)

And he's as nice as he is fun at heart...

And he all but BEGGED to have his picture on my blog....

So, I know I'm late, but here you go, JT!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Why God Made Little Boys"

Brentwood School's AMAZING athletic director and football coach, Bert Brown, sent around a note of thanks to all the parents of football players and included this poem. With my "little boy" all grown up, it brought tears to my eyes..and I wanted to share it with all of you.

One of the greatest blessings in the lives of the residents of Maison Cou Rouge is that Coach Brown is a part of our lives. He lives his life by example. He's taught Boy-and all of us- how to live our daily lives with honor, to win with graciousness, and to lose with dignity. That hard work never hurt anyone. That every day counts-not just 3 hours on Friday night. That life is what YOU make it- not what others make for you.

"Respect", "Honesty", "Integrity" are not just words to Bert Brown...they are rules by which to live one's life.

I could go on and on. But I'll just say "Thank you, Bert". Thank you for helping us turn our son into the fine man he is.


God made the world out of His dreams
Of magic mountains, oceans and streams
Prairies and plains and wooded land,
Then paused and thought, “I need someone to stand
On top of mountains, to conquer the seas,
Explore the plains and climb the trees.
Someone to start out small and to grow,
Sturdy, strong as a tree…”

And so, He created boys, full of spirit and fun,
To explore and conquer, to romp and run,
With dirty faces and banged up chins,
With courageous hearts and boyish grins.
When He had completed the task He had begun,
He surely said, “A job well done.”

author unknown

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Keeps on Slipping, slipping, slipping

I know it's been a coon's age since I blogged..but it's been very busy at Maison Cou Rouge--two family weddings, a festival, football, running,and a fundraiser or two. I will begin to play catchup tomorrow...but here are some pictures....
I looked out my window and what did I see
eeewwwwwhhhhhh-glad it was on the other side of the glass...
we has so much fun at Courtney and Will's wedding
and Girl had her region run the next day--and made All-Region (top 5 finishers!!)
And her team- the Lady War Eagles- are region champs!!
Even though I am sick to DEATH of the political campaigns, when Gov. Perdue comes down to support our friend Napoleon "Chopper" Jenkins, we have to turn out...
and more later on California, another wedding, and mirth and merriment!!