Friday, October 17, 2008

The Queen Leaves New York for the Last Time

Here's a video of Queen Elizabeth 2 leaving New York Harbor for the last time. It was taken last night, Thursday, October 16, 2008. She will become a floating hotel in Dubai.


Sad--I always wanted to sail on her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is what happens with teenagers. You play them one exceptionally funny, but terribly rude song, and they go to itunes and download every song by the singer, and introduce YOU to more obscenely hilarious stuff.

If you are easily offended, read no further. Come back tomorrow.

Good you're still with me.

Case in point. I saw Stephen Lynch on Comedy Central, and wept with laughter. Ok, I have a sick sense of humor.

So, of course, I had to show him to the kids. And that's why my itunes account has such a large bill this month.

But these youtube video's of Stephen Lynch are begging to be posted here. For one special person.

Yes, my darling younger brother Larry. I do love you dearly. Here's a song for you.

Oh--a little secret...Larry's real name is Ed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home-ly-coming 2008

Yes, it has been a week since the beginning of Homecoming Week at Brentwood--and with it the kick-off event- The Powder Puff football game (Senior girls vs. teachers) and the Homely-coming contest!!

I apologize for delaying your enjoyment of the participation of my son, but it took me a while to find the cable for the ancient-as-hell video camera so you could see "Annabelle Josephine" in all her glory. It's not great, but you get the idea. Yes, I will invest in a new digital video device soon.

So without further ado, my son and his pals...all very game individuals to participate so fully in this fundraiser...

Two of the bunch in mid-transformation--the one on the right-please note the dollar bill in the cleavage--is hoping to be a MINISTER one day?????

Poor Lollie, getting smushed between two rather well-endowed beauties...

The "lucky" other half of the senior boys got dressed as cheerleaders-the backs of their shirts say "you can't BUY these skills"--they did a rather inspired dance/cheer routine!

Of course Mom helps you dress on your "BIG DAY"--

And to think how intimidating this guy is in a football uniform...

Presenting...Annabelle Josephine!! She doesn't look half-bad....

The entire bevy of beauties of the 2008 Homely Coming Court-note their elegant sitting styles.

The thing I find amazing--er- maddenning- is that he could zip up a size 8 skirt...

Alas, and alack, Annabelle Josephine didn't win.."Leanna" chose to shake more of "what her Mama gave her"--she's such a tart....common wench.

But, yes, my family, you recognize the Queen's dress as one of my "Formal Night" gowns. I would like to point out that pictures of me wearing this dress do not include chest hair. Go check your photos....

The seniors were all such good sports about the whole thing...I do love you all!

And, because I know you have been waiting all week for's Boy's "presentation"--




To: The Powers that Be at Wal-Mart

From: Elizabeth

re: Christmas 2008

Please note that I REFUSE--yes, REFUSE--R-E-F-U-S-E!!! to consider purchasing Christmas decorations in October.

That they are already displayed everywhere in your store is revolting.

Could we please enjoy Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving and Hannukah first??