Friday, October 10, 2008

Big Weekend 3- Reunion

To say it was a bit, well, DAUNTING getting up early Sunday morning to drive to an extended family reunion was an understatement. But as Grumpy Guy's New York based sister had flown down to their brother's house in South Carolina to attend the event, off we went to join them in Leslie, Georgia.

This family reunion is one of the largest in the country. It's been going on for 105 years. The first one was held on the 50th wedding anniversary of the family scion and his bride.

He's known as "the Captain" and they together go by their family nicknames "Shep and Nep". My father-in-law was the fourth generation to bear his name--and GG's nephew is the sixth.

Shep and Nep had nine children, seven of whom survived to adulthood. Each of them had a ton of kids. Grumpy Guy is one of six get the size and scope of this annual reunion. this year's reunion was smaller than others--only about 200 people. Yes, that's not a typo, 200 family members.

So, off we went to hook up with cousins, and cousins, and more cousins.
On the way, we passed many cotton fields. You know how that makes my heart happy!

At the reunion, the kids got to meet cousins

and see an uncle and an aunt!

After the reunion, we went to the graves of the Captain and Penelope, and then to another cemetery to the graves of her parents, Abner and Rebecca.

Here's Grumpy Guy with at the grave of his great great grandfather, the Captain. GG is a Knight Templar, a member of the Commandery, just like his ancestor.

The kids thought it was cool to be photographed with the monuments to their great great great great grandparents, Abner Tyson and Rebecca Ann Dillard Tyson, who lived almost 200 years ago.

And GG thought it was nice knowing that Abner was the Worshipful Master of his Masonic Lodge, as he will be in the next few years.

And, as I just can't resist a planting of cotton, some pics from the field next to the Tyson's resting place...
Yes, non-Southern friends, this is a cotton plant.
This is a cotton blossom. They start out white, and change to pink after a few days.
A cotton boll just beginning to open.
And all ready for picking!

Big Weekend 2- Masked Ball

The Transylvania Club is a wonderful group of ladies. Two of their missions are supporting the local library and erradicating illiteracy in our community. Every year, they hold a fundraiser to enable their great work. This year, in honor of their 100th anniversary, they decided to hold a Black and White Masked Ball like Truman Capote did in the 60's. To say it was a roaring success is an understatement- we had SUCH fun.
I think it was nice of those dear friends to have the ball my birthday weekend. Saved Grumpy Guy the hassle of arranging a party for me (riiigggghhtttt). You've seen a couple of photos, but here are some more-- Congratulations Transylvania Club- well done!
Do you notice something missing here??
Yeap-the guys are all in the grill watching football whilst the girls dance to "Grapevine"-an amazing band!

Grumpy Guy's happy with his buddies in the bar!

My darling friend LeeLee- she's graced MCR's pages often!

My dear friends...
She does like to have fun...
The boys finally joined the Tennis Pro is having fun, whilst the banker looks shocked in front.. had she just heard of the market's plummet??
The Chefs of Washington County--love S as much as I love her food!!
The Greek and I make a "sammich" outa her husband.
A good time had by all.
Doesn't GG clean up well????

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big Weekend 1

Well, as you might imagine, it was a big weekend at Maison Cou Rouge. A birthday and football game Friday, a Masked Ball on Saturday, a family reunion Sunday, and a Powder Puff football game on Monday. So much that I feel the need to break it down over several days!!

Friday, Brentwood had a football game against Westminister Christian School in Watkinsville, Georgia, which is about 90 minutes away. Just outside of Athens, where the University of Georgia is located. It's also the home of my favorite yarn store. But I didn't make it to Main Street Yarns this visit..we went to my favorite Watkinsville restaurant, Maison Bleu, for an early birthday supper!
I let Girl and her BFF take pics of the old pair...

Then we got to reciprocate

Girl got her beloved escargots--this time served sans the shell, with polenta bites and a yummy brown sauce..
And the piggy birthday girl got TWO desserts--the flourless chocolate cake and ginger ice cream!!
Girl is going to kill me, but I simply HAVE to post the video I took of her doing an impression of an owl..(she has a very flexible neck)--we still laugh hysterically every time we see this...


And the War Eagles gave me a nice birthday present!! Boy scored two of the touchdowns in the second quarter and then most of the senior boys sat out the second half and the younger bunch got a real workout!

And because my child persists in memorializing my birthdays with photos such as THIS--

This is how I'm celebrating all my remaining birthdays...

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Sisters....My Friends

Huge Weekend around Maison Cou Rouge...with a big night tonight that must be prepared!

So more to come, but a pic from Saturday night at the Transylvania Club's 100th Anniversary Black and White Masked Ball.....

the Artist, the Greek, the Beauty, me, the Entrepreneur, the Civic Volunteer and the Church Lady!
My friends.....

Oh, and Anna--you have until 5pm today to get the bribe into my checking account--or the video of you with the band goes on youtube................