Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Post Labor Day Post

Well, Labor Day has passed and I really must be more diligent in blogging. Things have been quite hectic around here, with school starting back up and being the mom of two high-schoolers. and a semi-mom to a 21-year old foreign exchange student (more on Kostya later). I am struggling mightily with procrastination- --that and the looming sense of desperation that only a knitter feels when a baby arrives on time (dammit) and there’s still one side of the baby blanket edging to finish. And the guilt I feel from my brother, Larry, when I don’t blog.

Oh, Larry—I must explain. Up until now, Larry has been Dude. But whilst (oh, I love the English equivalent of “while”) we were cruising around Great Britain, Dude informed me that the nickname “Dude” forced him to recall his rather debaucherous college years. So “Dude” has been renamed, after a family joke, “Larry”. And the high school nephew has inherited his father’s former nickname, Dude. I go to great lengths to please my family.

So I will get back on track in the blogosphere, but for now, here are some more recent photos, for Larry and family…..

Even in London, a Southern Girl can find Paradise...

Well, at least I don't embarass my nephew.

First Day of School--the last first day of school for Boy!!

Run through for the first game of the season...yes, we won.

And finally, a picture that made her father sit down and weep...

They grow up so fast.........