Monday, May 19, 2008

Target Eliminated!!!

Yes!!! I have assassinated my sock wars target, ErieELF. Or at least the socks are in the mail, along with some goodies from Georgia for my newly-demised knitting friend in Ohio.

My assassin -*MIRTH*- was, sadly, assassinated by HER assassin , Lady Elaine, before she could finish my socks, and now must forward my unfinished pair to New York for re-targeting to me. She sounds like a fast knitter, so my only hope is that HER assassin, Mirabai, with get her before she can finish my socks and kill me. Both are still listed as alive, but that can change at any second.

Are you thoroughly confused yet??

On the other side, I must wait until ErieELF gets her package, declares herself dead, and sends the socks she was working on for her target, Sock Diva, to me. As of today, Sock Diva is still alive, so ErieELF hasn't assassinated her yet. Sock Diva's target, Elabeth, is also still alive.

Something tells me I won't be alive for long.