Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mea Culpa

Well, I'm not starting out the new year on a very blog-friendly note, now am I?? My apologies to all, especially Dude, who tells me all the time how much he loves reading it and catching up on his niece and nephew.

Ok, now a rant/plea to the Big Guy upstairs. Enough with the death and dying for a while, ok?? The denizens of Maison Cou Rouge have had a spate of them, unexpected and not, and I am tired of counting in multiples of three to see if we are at the end of the cycle. (note to self--explore where that superstition came from...I think it's Roman..) From my great-aunt, my beloved Auntie Mame, who left on her final cruise at the age of 95, to a friend who had complications from elective surgery, to family friends from my childhood, enough already! I'm beginning to dread the telephone's ring, as it's never good news.

It's a four day weekend here. Girl had gone off with the Methodist youth group skiing here in West Virginia.
How so many teens can look so good at 9am is beyond me..and so cheery for facing an 8-hour road trip.
I sent them off with tons of junk food. Her list of "things to bring" had both a bible and a bathing suit. As Girl's boyfriend is along on the trip (he being the main reason Girl now attends all Methodist youth group activities and occasionally goes to church services) Grumpy Guy is about to bust a gasket. Ah, the life of a red-blooded father of a teenaged girl who fully understands what all teenaged boys think about. You'd think they were vacationing at the Playboy Mansion and not West-by-God-Virginia.

Chip has gotten used to the neighborhood chickens that seem to get out at every turn.
I guess she only retrieves those who are not ambulatory. It's still hilarious to me to be looking out the window and see the rooster and his harem.
Knitting wise, I've finished my pink cardigan
and made the most hilarious knitted olives
for Valentine's Day (Olive You!) I need to get a life.

And Congratulations to Girl's BFF who got her braces off this week!!
A pretty girl with an even prettier smile! Hope they survive snowskiing!