Monday, February 4, 2008

Wild Weekend

First of all---my team WON!!!

Congratulations to the fabulous NEW YORK GIANTS and their amazing victory in the Superbowl! Who'da thunk it??

And what an amazing game. The commercials were so-so..I did like the GoDaddy ad and the E-trade ads featuring the baby.

We had quite a weekend. Grumy Guy had been up in Atlanta helping a friend at the Atlanta Flower Show, so I got alot of decluttering done. It's my annual mission for the month of January, but I never seem to get enough of it done. This month was a little more productive, with most of Girl's room redone.

Both kids had friends over most of the weekend. Boy got a new "crybaby" pedal for his guitar, and the new "old" tube amp arrived in the mail, so he had a fab weekend playing guitar. We also prepared for asking a date to prom, which has turned into quite an elaborate event in these parts. Creativity is a must, and, as always, Boy rose to the task.
With a little help from Mom, we spelled "Prom?" on the roof in Christmas lights, and had rose petals tracked around the house for a scavenger hunt. She said yes, so that's all squared away.

Alix had her new boyfriend and other buddies over to hang out on Sunday pre-superbowl, and the usual "gang of reprobates" joined us for kickoff.
Much fun was had by all.

I fixed a gi-normous pot of chili. Meatballs and cheesedip and chips completed the menu, and one of Boy's "friends who are girls" brought brownies (thank you muchly for the sweets, Kristina--you are the real sweetie!!)

GG and friend Paul arrived just in time for the last minute of play, including the game winning touchdown. There was much rejoicing.

Looked out the window this morning, and saw these.

Evidently the gate down the street was left open. I wonder how long it will be before the neighbors realize their flock is out.. I love living in rural Georgia!
Peace reigns this morning at Maison Cou Rouge--kitchen clean, GG home and back working hard at the computer. I really missed him while he was gone this past week. Home really is "Home, Sweet Home" again!