Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We interrupt the narrative of Christmas to celebrate the VICTORY of the LSU TIGERS over Ohio State in the BCS Championship game!!

Dude, the brother, and I spoke briefly before the game and we were both pumped. I got a little nervous at the beginning of the game, fearing that the Tigers had not brought their "A" game. But happily, my fears were put to rest.....

Congratulations, Tigers!! Well Done. Very Well Done. You made every born or bred Louisianian proud.

Even more exciting was the release of the Final AP Football poll of the year.

It's gonna be a GREAT 2008 football season for the SEC. Can't wait until September!!!!!
The LSU flag flies proudly at Maison Cou Rouge!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally- a New Post

Well, it's been a while-first we headed out to Louisiana for Christmas, then had a quiet week in between, and a wonderful, lovely, New Year's Eve at home. The kids are finally back at school, and I have mountains and mountains of laundry to wash and tons of bills to sort through. So, to get back into the swing of things, I give you lots and lots of pictures from the last three weeks......

I'll spread the pics over the next few days, but here we go with the trip out to LA, Santa Supper at the Shreveport Club, and Aunt Debo's birthday lunch.

Happy New Year to All!!

Radar detector? Check. Ipod feed? Check. Navigation system on? Check. Off we go.
One of the primary reasons to buy a hybrid automobile (ha ha) is that we have a 110 "wall" outlet..(grey cable) which means that teens can play xbox for 500 miles!!

Blessed peace for 500 +miles
"Telly" the penguin (thank you Monty Python! "There's a penguin on the telly.")....the official Maison Cou Rouge car mascot!

Thank heavens the price of dual led dvd screens has come down- these are portable, not built in. Perfect for Halo 3 on the road.
Going to Louisiana means hunting, and so our favorite wonder lab, Chip, must go with us. It gave her a chance to visit with her mom, Cecile, and her sister, Georgia at my brother's! Thank heavens for the Mariner's roof rack.

Friday meant the traditional Shreveport Club Supper with Santa. Gran was a little dismayed to find so many of her grandchildren grown up --we had only TWO official "kids" to meet Santa!
Family pics at Gran's Shreveport house before dinner- we DO clean up nicely, don't we?

The Gang's all HERE!

Cutest Kid Nephew hugging Santa

Beautiful Niece with Uncle Grumpy Guy

Christmas Cousins

Very Silly Moments alway are welcome
Cutest Nephew at his mom's birthday lunch

Girl rarely likes having her picture taken ..even for Aunt Debo!