Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cross Country Award

I'm excited to announce that Girl received the Coaches' Award for Cross Country at the Fall Sports Banquet.

This award is given to the team member that most displays leadership, sportsmanship, discipline and motivation.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Christmas is less than two weeks away.According to the news, most of the country is encased in an ice storm. But here in the Middle-Of-Nowhere, GA, I had not expected to need the air conditioning at this time of the year. It's hard to work on Christmas present knitting when the spring bulbs are threatening to emerge.
Most Christmas music mentions snow and cold, and we're all supposed to be drinking mulled wine, not cold beer.
Bah, Humbug!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Mountains

A while back, Grumpy Guy and I went to the local Rotary Club annual Low Country Boil and Auction. While there, we bid on and won a week at a friend's condo in the north Georgia mountains. This past week was "our" week, but life had a way of preventing us from using the whole week. GG went up on Wednesday and went fly fishing for trout until Girl, her BFF and I arrived on Friday afternoon.

The afternoon started off eventfully. As the girls and I were unpacking, I noticed a hissing noise from a back tire and found a lovely 3 inch screw had lodged in the tire. So off I went to the just-over-the-border-into-North-Carolina tire store to have the tire fixed.

One hour later, I was a much happier person. GG returned from a very successful day of catch and release trouting, and off we went into Highlands, NC for supper at Wolfgang's. Yum! I adore a good plain wiener schnitzel, and it was perfect. The girls had escargot. The desserts weren't bad, either.
And back to the condo to watch some very silly movies.
Saturday, we did some more researching into the wonderful town of Highlands. If you get a chance to visit, do so. It is a charming, charming town.

The girls got pedicures, I found a yarn store and bought some yummy silk and wool to make GG a pair of fingerless gloves. He missed his while fly fishing and mentioned he'd like a pair. Another project in the knitting queue. We visited the cutest shop, Raspberry Fizz, where we made earrings, and met the most adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bradley. Now, I have wanted a CKCS for the LONGEST time, and playing with Bradley only confirmed this. They are sweet and fun little dogs, and rumor has it they can even be trained to hunt birds (a requirement for any dog at Maison Cou Rouge).

If you are in the area, Raspberry Fizz is a MUST VISIT store. Not only can you paint your own pottery, but the beads and art glass are TO DIE for. The staff is so helpful and friendly, and will put together any necklace, bracelet or earring you make right on the spot. The girls and I could have spent hours there, but we had Grumpy Guy with us--and let's just say he's not a bead fanatic.
Then onto Kilwin's for a chocolate fix. Back to the condo to change, and BACK into Highlands for a fabulous dinner at Madisons, which is part of the Old Edwards Inn.

This place was Divine with a capital D. The chef is young and incredibly inventive. What a meal! BFF and I had lobster, Girl had duck confit-crusted snapper, and GG had braised sweetbreads and veal cheeks. Oh, yeah, and dessert. Grand Marnier souffle, flourless chocolate cake with CREAM CHEESE ice cream, creme brulee, and bourbon pecan souffle. Oh and cheese. Girl LOVES her cheese-the stinker and stronger the better. Grumpy Guy tried to steal some, and was met with disapproval.

The drive back on Sunday was uneventful. We went to Helen. Once upon a decade or three ago, Helen was a charming town done up to resemble a Bavarian village. It's a bit tatty now, and looks like like a miniature golf course owner attempted to recreate a German holiday. But we found a "gem mine" and the girls spent an hour panning for gemstones. It was good fun.
We got home to found that Boy had not thrown any wild parties or gotten arrested or started fires or such while he was alone for 3 days. We had forgotten to turn off the warmer on the coffeemaker, and in true teenage fashion, he had not thought to turn it off himself. Nothing that a good soak couldn't fix.

Now back to the reality of Christmas cards and laundry...Ah, Monday!!