Friday, November 30, 2007


Thanksgiving is my husband's family's favorite get-together holiday. This year, as last, we went to Grumpy Guy's sister in Atlanta, and his siblings gathered from all points-Chicago, New York, & South Carolina. Our nieces and nephews came from Connecticut, New York, Washington, DC, college at Clemson, and Los Angeles. The only one who couldn't make it was the Doctor Nephew, who was on call.

Maybe just pics with captions would suffice at this point, but we had a FABULOUS few days and can't wait to get together again!!!

Second Floor shot of the gang

Few are allowed on the "Kitchen side" on Thanksgiving morning

The hands of a master cornbread dressing maker

The cornbread dressing maker-aka the math prof

The Clemson Senior niece

It would not be a family gathering without something breaking-in this case, the handle on the refrigerator. Note all the "chiefs" supervising.

"Aunt Peter Pan" and the CT Nephew and the NY Niece

These two married in---no they are not related by blood! One married a sister, one married a niece

More family--the tall one in the back is Washington Niece's boyfriend. Can you believe he was brave enough to meet us all at once?

Big Brother and Little Brother carving two turkeys simultaneously

Happiest great-niece around

Multiple cooks-multiple opinions

Little Sis-the hostess with the mostest

'Da Cop and 'da Baby

Artist Niece in from LA- yes, she actually makes a living painting pictures and selling them!

Some teens can sleep through anything--even THIS family!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Girl's Varsity B

Well, it's official...Girl is a jock. Her Varsity jacket arrived yesterday and it hasn't really left her body since. Doesn't she look great??? Maybe in four years, I'll be posting a pic and it will be covered in glorious patches...... but for now, she's pretty impressed she's a letterman as an eighth grader.......

Monday, November 26, 2007

Time Flies

As I was reading Allison's blog, I was reminded of a picture taken of Boy when he was about the same age as her son is now.

And here he is now.......

It's amazing how fast they grow up.

Allison and Jeff, enjoy every minute with Evan. He will be running out the door before you know it.
And if you have a minute, gentle reader, go read the incredible story of the first year of a little guy with a brain tumor. (Don't worry, he's fine now)!! Here's the link again.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've been Tagged

Well, Daddy D (aka Darrell) has tagged me with a meme. What, you say, is a meme?? A meme, as defined by Wikipedia, is a “bit of cultural information that propagates from one mind to another”. Translation—little bits of knowledge about one’s self that one is forced to share with others, and if a blogger, with the blogging world, due to peer pressure. The latest version circulating the blogosphere is to list things about which you are suspicious, then go and tag someone else.

Yikes, what a task… Ok, I am suspicious of

1. People who want to “save” me. Especially if it means I hear the question “Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?”

2. The Federal Government. Except those in the military below the rank of General.

3. Anything labeled “free”—including puppies, towing, or “gift with purchase”.

4. Infomercials.

5. PETA. I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables.

6. Politicians who think they know how to protect my children better than I do. For that matter,

7. Anyone who thinks they know what is best for me or my family. (Gosh, that could apply to #1, #2, #5, or #6.)

8. Most people living on the Left Coast (cousins excluded).

9. Anything written or uttered by the present administration of Randolph College. (Any alumna of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College will understand this one).

I think that’s a start. Now, instead of tagging someone, I’m just going to tag Maison Cou Rouge’s readers. Anyone who wants to make a list, just email it forward………Consider yourself tagged!