Friday, November 2, 2007

Teen Halloween

Grumpy Guy and I gave our consent, after much badgering, for Girl to have a Halloween party. Ok, I guess we were guilted into it, as we never got around to having a 13th birthday party for her(her birthday is just weeks after Christmas, and all that gift giving just got the better of us after a few years...). So, with a wing and a prayer (and a few trips out of town to locate appropriate supplies and t-shirts, and even more deliveries from UPS to our house), a Halloween Bash was had last weekend...splat in the middle of the Georgia football game. Here are the results.....

Fog machine at work on patio
Table full of goodies

Even Gargoyles!!

Early party arrivees

Girl takes on the boys at Halo 3

Recognize Girl's BFF??

Teens Never Stop Texting

Yet Another UberGoth chick

How many can fit on one sofa?

Goth Emo meets Religion

Sister Margarita Martini survived.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Catch Up Thursday

some eye candy from the garden

I can't believe it is already THURSDAY--what a crazy week we've had here. What with building one-act play sets and then trucking them to competition, and traveling to the state cross country meet, nothing of the mundane like clothes washing or cleaning up has been done. The inhabitants of Maison Cou Rouge are running out of clean underwear....laundry must be done soon!!

Girl ran in the state cross country meet and did amazingly well. She cut 2 full minutes and then some off her personal best 5 km time. She ran the very hilly 3.1 mile course in 22:45--finishing 15th in the state, out of over 150 girls participating. Not bad for an 8th grader. And her team finished 6th overall. They are already looking forward to next year!

And we have just a quick moment to catch our breath before travelling on Saturday to Atlanta for Grumpy Guy's 30th high school reunion. It should be for me and the significant others of the all-male military prep school class of 1977. We're missing the festivities on Friday night due to football.... I'll report back later.
Until then, here are some shots of the by-now-familiar-BHS varsity cross country team...

Race day breakfast at Po'Boys

Pre race jitters

The start- BHS girls in the boxes