Monday, October 15, 2007

Kaolin Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend for the Kaolin Festival here in Washington County. For those of you who do not know what kaolin is.... (thanks to Wikipedia):

"Kaolinite is a clay mineral . Rocks that are rich in kaolinite are known as china clay or kaolin. Kaolin is used in ceramics, medicine, coated paper, as a food additive, in toothpaste, as a light diffusing material in white incandescent light bulbs, and in cosmetics. The largest use is in the production of paper, including ensuring the gloss on some grades of paper. Commercial grades of kaolin are supplied and transported as dry powder, semi-dry noodle or as liquid slurry.

Sandersville, a small town in Georgia, USA, holds an annual kaolin festival every year. Sandersville has huge kaolin deposits throughout the town and the surrounding areas. The town is based on the kaolin industry."

The annual parade is one of those small home-town events that make this such a wonderful place to live. It seems that everyone in the county is either IN the parade, or comes to WATCH the parade. This year, the Maison Cou Rouge family had one in, one helping, and two watching.


The Square set up for Kaolin Festival

Handmade Seagrass Baskets from Savannah

American Legionnaires Lead the Way

Look closely- it's Grumpy Guy with the rifle!

The Gang's all Here!

Yes, we have a Grand Marshal

Miss Mary Alice Jordan

Leo Club sells funnelcakes

Those are some of my friends on the Thiele Kaolin float

Girl's BFF

Our darling neighbor, Miss Betty (who is also the mother of our sheriff!)

One of Boy's best friends--and see her mom in front? That's one of MY best buddies, Lee Lee

More friends on reunion floats

Girl's friend is the pretty one in brown at the back

We LOVE our Fox's Pizza

More good friends watching the parade

Pilot Club sweet treats

Old Fashioned Fried Tarts? I'm an Old Fashioned Tart...

Churches sell Fried Fish, among other things

Cross Country Runners being silly

A cross country coach masquerading as his day job of Health Inspector

Cousins AND best friends

Our Dancing Friends

Fried Fatback- you don't KNOW what you're missing!

Another of Boy's friends

Brentwood Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders