Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Powder Puff Football 2007

The hilarity that is Homecoming Spirit Week continues at Brentwood School...
Powder Puff Football!!

Senior Girls versus Junior Girls.

Senior Boys as Homely Coming Representatives.

Junior Boys as Cheerleaders.

For your viewing pleasure, I am so very proud to present Boy and his friends in all their cheerliciousness....

Note that they removed their bows for the prayer and National Anthem...

And the Juniors won by a two points.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Justification for School Uniforms

For your viewing pleasure, I present Monday of Brentwood Spirit Week-
Wacky Tacky Day!!

And special picture just for their grandmother, aka "Imelda"--

Gran would be so proud!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

This and That

Well, we all survived "Talk Like A Pirate Day"- no one had to walk the gangplank.

My camera battery died so I have no pics to report from the Gatewood Cross Country meet, but Girl had a personal best of 24:50 for 5km (3.1miles). To put that in perspective, I walk at about a 20 minute pace, so she can triple my output.

Brentwood's game against Westfield was tough, and much closer than the 24-0 score would suggest. Westfield's 3 touchdowns occurred in the first quarter. Boy got some good hard tackles in the second quarter, and ran up the gut for some first downs. He said after one play he felt like one of those Warner Bros. cartoons, where the characters eyes roll around and around and birdies circle around the head. This is the insane part of the season where we play much bigger and faster AAA teams in preparation for the region games that begin the second half of October. It's worked for 3 years straight in region, and state championships in 2002 and 2003. But it can be daunting for fans to keep the spirit up. Next week, we play George Walton for Homecoming. It won't be pretty, but will be fun, as my mom is coming to see Boy play. More on that later in the week.

Girl had another cross country meet on Saturday (another groaner of an early morning--we got back from Westfield at midnight and got up at 6am) and did quite well. The course was brutal-lots of big hills and slippery surfaces from rain. Girl ran it in 25:10, so just 20 seconds off her personal best, which is fabulous considering the terrain. Not bad for an 8th grader!!

Leading the Mid-pack group

The reward for running, or in Boy's case, getting up early to cheer his sister on, was a trip to the Macon Mall . (I know, I know, the Maison Cou Rouge family leads such exciting lives...) After visiting Hot Topic for band t-shirts and Spencer's for earrings for Wacky Tacky Day of Homecoming Spirit Week, it was off to be fed...

...but Girl still doesn't like her photo taken after running.

Boy seemed impressed by her time...or was it the blue-cheese burger????

Back home to prep for the evening's festivities...jam session combined with football LSU win tha included the amazing over-the-shoulder-like-a-bridal-bouquet fake for a TD, and Georgia eeks it out against the hated Crimson Tide and "Coach Satan" (ok, that's my LSU-alum brother's name for him) in OT.

Boy tuning up his beloved Les Paul

Rock 'n roll and Football--nuthin' better!

And now on to another week- and the arrival of "Gran" to Middle-Of-Nowhere, Georgia. Stay tuned.